The Curious Case of Satya Nadella

The Curious Case of Satya Nadella

At present , the world might not be in India’s hand but certainly in Indian hands. With global corporations opting for Indian CEOs is on the rise, a multitude of objections and dilemmas emerged. Until recently, Google named its CEO as Sundar Pichai, the other notable names include PepsiCo- Indra Nooyi, Mastercard-Ajaypal Singh and the renowned Satya Nadella-Microsoft. When Microsoft named Satya Nadella as their CEO on Feb 4 ,2014, it was a matter of pride and honor for every Indian citizen. But from HR points of view, this has always been a curious case to solve considering the fact that Microsoft was very keen on appointing someone outside the organization as their new CEO.

Steve Ballmer, the former CEO was a target driven and a much renowned man in the business. Steve basically a business student worked as CEO for the much accomplished company from 2000 till 2014. A changing scenario in the business arena and a bitter tongue with Bill Gates had made him step down from the position. Microsoft needed to handle the amount of pressure given by rivals like apple, google and amazon ,they were definitely in need of a new leader who is keen on transforming the company for good. The new CEO definitely needs to be someone who is rather technically superior like Gates and had a business instinct like Ballmer.

With final rounds of deciding the CEO, they were highly considering the then Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. With the final insights from company they realized they had gold inside them who brought their cloud platform Azure into existence and their then Executive Vice President Satya Nadella. A veteran Microsoft Executive who has 22 years of experience with Microsoft had both the technical expertise like Gates graduating his masters from Wisconscin Milwaukee and business insight like Ballmer by his Business Degree from Chicago Booth School of Business.

Microsoft made a wise decision and firmly believed that Satya is the key to their global upheaval in the near future.

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