The best six IT companies to work for straight out of college

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Straight after graduation, all that a young adult wants is a perfect job which does not hurt his morale as a fresher or does not bore him down to the core. Although, the freshers are nurtured in the beginning, the work stress which he is not familiar with tears him down, brick by brick. The generation X youngsters nowadays look for a job which can be stressful and challenging but gives him a lot of perks and benefits. Considering the perks and benefits , with the startup culture booming in India, every Startup boasts themselves to provide ample opportunities and freedom to their employee, but it is the big corporation who outrun these startups on every aspect. Right from fixed routines and considerable amount of work pressure, the big corporations wins the heart every time. Let us look at some, mouth dropping awe benefits and perks enjoyed by employees of some companies whom you wished you worked for.

1. Facebook: Why is Facebook so omnipresent, I see it in my mobile, desktop, tab, t-shirts and wait even here. Facebook is everywhere due to the companies policy and constant support to its employees. The employees have always considered working here as heaven and considered the most productive and happiest employees of the world. One most lucrative advantage is their paternity and maternity policy. They hand over $4k for a born child to their employee along with 4 weeks of leave. Employees have a vending machine which vends keyboards, mouse, Ipad chargers, cables etc. Most importantly, the employees get food everywhere for free. Nice place to work, isn’t it. All the couch potatoes have already started their race towards this place.

2. Google– Disneyland for adults and for a reason. Google, the dominant search engine gives its employees a treat for a lifetime every day. The legal proceedings are taken over by the company, free medical insurance and travel insurance, food, 401k plan and many more.One thing which is way worth than mentioning is the fact that if an employee dies, the surviving partner receives 50% of the salary for the next decade considering the fact that google is just 17 years old.

3. Linkedin– The highly celebrated new kid in the block. Every major company have a free gym membership and sports arena. But Linkedin went one level higher and conducts power yoga, zumba, tai chi and other classes to make its employees feel better all day. Linkedin speaker series is highly regarded among fellow tech giants and its idea to invest in employee education to know better about their work is just plain out of the box thinking. The most desired benefit is the idea of incubator in Linkedin. Every employee is allowed to pitch a new idea and if the executives like it, they are given 3 months time to make it possible. Do not plan for a startup, land up in Linkedin and incubate there and live life King Size.

4. Twitter– Twitter was the best place to work in 2014 and it topped the charts for a reason. The important benefit is that, the company being an astounding and exciting place to work, the management does not track employee leave status.  Major perks include gym membership, laundry service, 401k plan, rock climbing wall. Rock climbing wall was built to challenge the employees or they can climb like travellers and feel positive. Like other tech giants, twitter has free food, medical insurance benefits etc.

5. Microsoft: Talking about tech giants who would leave the tech prodigy Microsoft. Microsoft plans for its employees include childcare with regular paternity and maternity leave, tuition assistance for career growth. More important is that, the individual based on his performance and positions gets stocks in the company as a reward. With the company proving to be going strong for the next 10 years working here seems to beautiful to be realistic.

6. Hewlett Packard(HP): Working at HP is like following the golden proverb health is wealth with the very aspect that, you get them both. HP strives towards better health of the employees that they throw a plethora of incentives such as incentives for maintaining cholesterol numbers, maintaining glucose level in blood as well as maintaining the blood pressure. These reasons along with job training, volunteer time off from work are the most desirable at this tech giant.

Working in these great companies is always a dream. But one thing, we should remind ourselves is that, these companies were built yesterday whereas the companies who have been there for centuries never make a fortune like these. Ideas, innovation and hard work should always be the key of life and landing in another tech giant is not going to help you grow intellectually.

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