Stress Management

Stress Management

Nature And Causes of Stress :

Stress is a condition arising from the interaction of the people with their environment, and characterized by changes within people that force them to deviate from their Normal functioning . In simple words , stress refers to an individual`s reaction to a distributing factor in the environment. It can lead to :

  • Physiological discomfort
  • some kind of emotional unhappiness
  • Strained relationships with other people.

Stress in an inherent characteristic of human life. It indicates the pressure people feel in life. As a result of pressures , employees develop various symptoms of stress that can harm their job performance they may be uncooperative and use alcohol excessively. Stress also leads to physical disorders because internal body system changes to try to cope with stress . Some physical dis orders are stomach ulcer , heart diseases , kidney troubles etc.

Stress may affect any employee , whether the employee is a manager or a worker , young or old . Any job condition can cause stress , depending upon an employee`s reaction to it . However, the major job conditions that cause for employees are :

  • Work overload
  • Time pressure
  • Poor working conditions
  • Inadequate authority to match responsibilities
  • Role of conflict and ambiguity
  • Conflict with superiors , peers and juniors
  • Frustration and anxiety

Methods of Reducing Stress at Work :

  • Relaxation :Coping with stress requires adaptation . proper relaxation is an effective way to fight with stress . relation  may be take many forms such as vacation , regular breaks during the work ,sit quietly with closed eyes for about ten minutes.
  • Time Management: Time management is often recommended  for managing stress .The idea is that many daily pressures can handle with ease if persons does job of managing time .they may make list of the works to be done in a day and does the work as per the importance of respected work.
  • Role Management :Under this , the individual works ton avoid role overload , role ambiguity and role conflict .for Instance , if an employee does not know what is expected of him , he should ask for clarification from his boss . he should accept the extra work if he able to do that.
  • Meditation:Another way to reduce stress meditation . Mediation involves quiet , concentrated inner thought in order to rest the body physically and emotionally  . It helps remove a person from stressful world temporarily .
  • Support Group : It is a group of family or friends members with whom a person share his feelings . Supportive family and friends can help people cope with routine types of stress on an ongoing basis .

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