Sports Journalism: A sport career opportunity for the youth

Sports Journalism A growing industry

An Overview!
Sports Journalism is a growing industry. It is gaining more momentum and value as an independent genre of journalism. Various colleges and institutes are offering diploma programs on Sports journalism. Since the inset of great gaming leagues played internationally, the need to report news stories from such events came into existence. Sports journalism basically refers to news reports on anything and everything related to sports and games. With the growth of sports in terms of wealth, power and influence, sports journalism has become an important part of every media house, newspapers, broadcasters, etc. They especially have a sports section/column or show for their respective paper/channel.

As a Career
Like every other genre of journalism, sports journalism too has great competition. Journalists have to be competitive enough to gather news stories related to various events or sports jamborees. A sports journalist can either specialize in any particular sport to report about happenings of that sport from worldwide or can report about all the sports news from a particular area. She/he might work as a freelancer or with a particular sports organization or channel.
A person with passion for sports, who is otherwise unfit to play the sport, can pursue sports journalism as a career that will fuel his/her passion and also help him/her meet various sports personalities while attending worldwide sports jamborees. However, one should first establish himself in the field by building networks and contacts.

Life of a Sports Journalist
Travelling, overtime duties, weekend leisure ruled out and pressure are a few factors that describe the life of a sports journalist. However, if one is very passionate about sports and is interested in attending different sports events, enjoys free travelling and going around, loves meeting sporting divas, this shall be the perfect career option. Though a journalist has to work hard initially to establish himself in this field by proving his credibility and building a chain of networks, once he/she is established, life becomes more interesting and glamorous.

If one can meet the work pressures and carve out his/her name as a leading sports reporter or columnist, he/she can become a household name. With hard work and passion blend together, an aspiring sports journalist can reach the zenith because sports journalism is a much evolving field.

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