Smarter logistics for congestion transport problems.


City developing in the sustainable manner – economically, ecologically and socially – is the most when it meets customer’s demands. At the same time, providing a inviting place that meets the needs of the citizens is more complicated. Since technology cannot alone solve the problems of future growth of urban areas. Novel solutions, that are used for enabling the local communities, countries and regions to fulfill their basic economic needs and social role is therefore paramount.

Researchers have developed, and highly developing, many technologies that help in making or transforming a city way smarter, with efficient transportation, in logistics, subsequently air cleanliness; technologies that rise the wealth generation potential through more efficient infrastructures, open data, eGovernment and so on. Despite these “smart logistics services”, many congestion problems are present and growing. Therefore, the two most obvious effects of congestion certainly are costs and delays. Demands are increasing every day, delays are all the more harmful since our transport system is governed by “just in time” deliveries. Because of the structure of the supply chain, there is a “domino effect” that affects all the operators. Problems of this kind may also have far-reaching repercussions for trade and industry.

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