Self help is the best help

Self help is the best help

Self help is the root of all success and achievements in this world. A self-reliant person do no depend upon others for doing their work. The spirit of self help creates many good qualities in a person. These people work more harder than a person who is reliable on others for their work. This leads to help them obtain strong will- power and determination. A self-reliant person develop faith in themselves. They earn courage and strength of mind. They can face even the hard difficulties boldly and overcome them very easily. Hence, they win success in their lives.
From my personal experience, it is a real pleasure when I do my work by myself.It develops a sense of conviction and confidence in me. By depending upon others we tend to lose self-confidence. We start to have a suspicion that without others help we will fail do any work by ourselves.
People have a tendency to always expect positive approvals from others and if this do not happens they feel vulnerable and loses their confidence. But,a truly strong person does not need the approval of others.Focus on what you believe to be right in situations, rather than what others may lead you to do. Be your own person.
If we are around people who do make blanket, negative, and premature opinions of you based on a few words or actions, then we need to remember that is all about them – not us. We should prime our minds to be more creative.Reliable self-confidence takes a little time to built up.
We have been hearing since our childhood that “God help those who help themselves“. A great man believes himselfย  and his own intellect to achieve something great in life. He plans everything in advance in a well-ordered way, so that he is not required to depend on anyone’s advice or help. He knows himself how to act properly and how to get things done on time. So it does not become difficult for him to raise high in life.
It cannot be denied or ignoredย  that in the way of one’s life, there may sometime come some failure. But failure is not a infamy in the life’s game. ‘Failures are the pillars of success’.

So,as long as a person goes on attempting his efforts repeatedly on a certain thing in order to achieve it, he needs not to worry much; for success will be his in future. If he does not lose faith in himself, and believes in his own capability and potential of doing things skillfully, he will definitely succeed in life and command respect, confidence and regard of others. A attitude of self-help can make a man perfect and successful in life.

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