Role of Internships for students

Role of Internships for students

The business world we recognize today is immensely dissimilar from the one we experienced just a few years ago. In this quickly changing work scenario, young graduates are the ones who have to run harder than ever before to secure a sound task. With today’s enormous talent pool, organizations, and, even universities, are spoilt for choice when it comes to hiring/accepting vibrant, modern and capable young professionals. When looking for the correct line of work, especially in the former phases of one’s vocation, holding a distinctive edge over other applicants is absolutely essential.

The young generation of Millennials has led to the existence of a new strain of high-achieving, competitive professionals characterized by the ambition to excel and be the best in their respective areas. That existence said, while accepting a quality educational degree was all you needed to become engaged in the past, a notable educational qualification is almost a given these days. What young people rely on in order to stand out amidst a sea of talented peers are the extracurricular activities they supplement their degrees with. One of the most valuable and in force of these extracurricular activities is internships.

Having internships on your resume not only showcases an eagerness to excel, discover more and self-improve, but likewise helps you gain self-confidence, build up your personality and mood your professional dreams. In this constantly evolving, competitive landscape, students are doing not merely single, but multiple internships. It is really usual for scholars to begin exploring various career choices in order to carve out a professional path for themselves while still in college. Nevertheless, on entering the real cosmos, they realize that this peculiar job or industry is not what they had anticipated it to be. People spend long time trying to ascertain a job that best suits their personalities and destinations. Internships have a remarkable benefit, in that they enable you to try out the waters and determine out what working in a particular industry or establishment is actually like. By going to intern early on, students will have a chance to work with not one, but various different business environments — from multinationals to startups, from the banking industry to the entertainment industry or even different roles within departments of a company — and get what they really want for their future.

Besides their innumerable personal advantages, internships have several professional benefits that cannot be dismissed. For newcomers, the first impression any individual gets on an employer is through his/her resume. What creates a robust, dynamic resume is the relevant work experience and exposure an individual has experienced. While interning, one obtains an opportunity to educate his/her accomplishments and expertise in a particular subject area. Internships also serve as an incredible networking platform, which proves beneficial when looking for a lasting business. Internships give you a prospect to learn, gain knowledge, make relationships and establish yourself professionally. This comes in handy when you finally graduate and are confronted with the overwhelming chore of seeking a full-time occupation. It is then that you can rely on reference letters from some of the valuable relationships, you built and mentors you gained through your past internships.

Very frequently, companies re-hire past interns as full-time employees once they have graduated as this has its benefits for the system as well. Rather than sifting through a lot of resumes and depending partly on intuition to select a worthy candidate, employers prefer hiring an ex-intern whose work they have experienced first-hand and who they already know will be a cultural fit within the establishment.

Statistics indicate that over 50 per cent college interns are offered a full-time job at the same organization after graduation. In India, where talent-crunch is affecting corporate business plans, smart and intelligent interns are trying out to be assets for companies. They augment their existing resources, by using interns to go on short-term assignments, field surveys, deadline-driven projects and crack tasks.

The greatest struggle for recent graduates and the utmost concern for employers in the process of chartering is the candidate’s lack of experience. An individual with one or many internships under his/her belt will always be a more appealing applicant in the optics of an employer. A study shows that about 42 per cent of employers offer higher starting salaries to new college graduates who have interned.

All in all, it is getting more and more difficult for fresh grads with no previous work experience to become discovered and subsequently employed. The earlier you start interning, the more time you get to explore your own designs and tastes and the better are your chances of getting hired exactly where you go!

In this constantly evolving, competitive landscape, students are doing not merely single, but multiple internships.

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