Rock Landscaping: Introduction

Rock Landscaping Introduction

Rock or stone landscaping is a good and popular technique to make yard spaces appropriate to use. Rock landscaping adds interest and appeal to yard space.

It is also known as hardscaping. Rock landscaping blends into a natural looking and attractive composition. Now days, there are many creative ways to add stone landscapes into landscaping environment. One can create waterfall landscape using stacking stones around a pond and adding a pump to waterfall. Stone landscape can also be used with plants to create desert landscape. The stones used are common stone easily available at home or garden store. While selecting stones consider the color of stone that would accentuate the area to be used. Stone landscaping is common in southwest landscaping which is popularly known as xeriscaping. where native plants are used in landscaping. Desert landscaping is another type of landscaping, where stone landscaping is used due of lack of grass and trees. This landscaping idea gives dry and arid appearance.

Maintaining rock landscaping is a difficult task. Stone landscaping is popular for its natural looks. Many homeowners go through to efforts of installing rock landscaping without thinking its care.

Whether use of small or large stone in landscaping, they all need to mow. Weeds need to be killed near the stone landscaping. If user is using small stones similar as gravel landscaping throughout the lawn, regular attention need to be paid against weeding. Removal of the shoots that grow up between the rocks should be considered. Herbicide is best option which can be spread all over the area. Use of river rocks also need to be cared, clean, replace and reconstruct.


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