Retail Banking


RETAIL BANKING is typical mass-market banking where individual customers use local branches of large commercial banks. In this banking the banking services focused mainly on individual customers, the commercial banks offer various types of services.


They accept saving and current deposits, grant personal loans to the customers in the form of housing loans, education loans consumer loans, travel loans, credit card loans, car loans, etc. retail banking is a high volume business with many service providers competing for market share. The participants in retail banking are the commercial banks, community development banks, private bank, and savings banks. for the successful operations of retail banking, a large network of marketing is essential.

Till recently, the banks offered to finance production based banking activities. but now because of the failure of many big companies due to the industrial recession, the economic downturn and industrial sickness, the bank began to diversify their business. instead of financing big industrial concerns, they diverted their funds for retail lending.

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