Renewable Energy Sources Deficiency: Crisis need to be cure

Renewable Energy Sources Deficiency Crisis need to be cure


As Renewable energy sources are crucial for meeting the future energy demand. The traditional energy supply is at great pressure in the post-soviet due to the increasing demand and diminishing resources. Current study reviews the perception of the current decision makers on the prospects of renewable energy penetration in the Khorezm province of Uzbekistan.

It was discovered that high price of the renewable energy facilities and inability to fully replace the traditional energy supply serves as a disincentive while availability of crediting and public awareness may serve as an incentive. Avenues for renewable energy penetration in the residential sector of Uzbekistan are discussed further. It is evident that the following energy sectors of fossil fuel–rich countries as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are heavily dependent on non-renewable resources.

The copiousness of these resources functions as a retardant the process of energy diversification in the above mentioned Central Asian states. Nevertheless, the future diversification of energy sources is an inescapable process due to many reasons; man-made climate change, being the most important ones the need for transition to reliable and secure energy sources and availability of a vast potential for renewable energy generation. We can already observed the impact of climate change in Central Asia by frequent climate anomalies such as high deviation from the historical average in precipitation levels, increased droughts and unusually harsh winters. Even more troubling problems these anomalies may cause even more troubling problems such as energy crises during winter seasons (Laldjebaev, 2010). Moreover, they also increase energy consumption, as previously mentioned, is highly based on fossil fuels, thus creating a closed cycle. Therefore renewable energy penetration in Central Asia is one of the central questions in energy sector reform, and hence, sustainable development.


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