Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Living In the 21st century has most certainly made everything easier. But are our relationships also at ease? We see each other everyday, talk to each other about things but do we really know the people that surround us?

COMMUNICATION is the key to all successful lasting relationships. This involves three aspects

1) Listening to their concerns and point of view

2) Carefully articulating your opinions

3) Adapting and accommodating to each others views even if sometimes they may be conflicting.

Let us take the relationship we share with our children into consideration

Growing up most parents and children have conflicting views, but how can one resolve such issues? Well, for starters, having a more open relationship has never really hurt anyone. But keep in mind, this means having a friendlier relationship with your child without disrupting the basic paradigm of parenting. Start with asking each other how their day was, whether there are any upcoming events or simply whether they have made new friends. Encourage your child to do the same in order to build a healthy relationship. Slowly slowly bring up the emotional sphere of your relationship .In times like these it is noted that the blame-game is called in for. Concentrating your anger at each other results in a bad relationship that often goes out of hand.

The second example under consideration is your relationship with a close friend

You can be friends with someone for years and suddenly see ourselves drifting apart. This can be for several reasons but to salvage this valuable bond we call friendship, we luckily can do a lot of things!

you can always try indulging in new activities- Sharing common interests and activities will help blossom any relationship.  So the next time you ring up your friend, ask them for a day out to watch a movie or to eat dinner!

“We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”

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