PTI is the largest news agency in our Country, India. Basically PTI is a non-profit organization which provides unbiased news stories to its subscribers which are mainly mainstream media, specialized press, research groups, non-governmental organization, government, different companies etc.
PTI was founded on August 27, 1947 and began its functioning from February, 1949.It is controlled and managed by the Board of Directors under the chairmanship, and the chairman is selected by rotation at the Annual General Meeting. Chief Executive Officer (also known as Editor-in-Chief) is the person who manages the day to day functioning of the PTI. PTI provides its services mainly in Hindi and English. Hindi news Service of PTI is known as BHASHA. If we talk about the journalists who are working in PTI currently are 400 and about 500 stringers to cover every corner of the country. It has around 100 bureaus across the country as well.
PTI has exchange arrangements with other different foreign news agencies so to cover the global aspect as well; they cover major cities of the world like London, Bangkok, Colombo, Dhaka, Islamabad, Dubai, Beijing, Moscow and Kathmandu. For the distribution of news of the Associated Press (AP) and Agency France Press (AFP) in India, it also has arrangements with them. If we talk about more of its partnership then it’s has its partnership with Asia Pulse International which is a Singapore based firm.
PTI is one of the leading participants in the pool of news agencies of organization of Asia Pacific News Agencies and of the NAM nations.
In technology terms it has its own satellite delivery system which is through a transponder on an INSAT satellite. And its photograph service is through satellite and dial-up service as well. PTI has its own website to facilitate better and in faster way and the website is –
There are various SERVICES that Press Trust of India provides apart from news and photo service, such as Graphics, Science Service, features, Data India, Economic Service etc.

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