Polymer a faster,better and simple way to code !!


Today we will discuss a brief about the newly developed Web component named ‘Polymer‘. Polymer is a new kind of library,which gives a wide range support to web components that enable developers to create their own customized HTML elements and compose them into complete ,complex web applications that are scalable and maintainable .
The main purpose is to simplify the web development by making creative customized elements, after all , elements are the building blocks of the web,
which you can reuse in your HTML pages in a declarative way.
Apart from this, it will also cut the overall web development cost. Polymer believes in taking the greatest advantage of the browser’s technologies
instead of relying on complex custom JavaScript libraries. In my opinion polymer will not only help the developers to improve the web development, but it will also make sure a passage for the beginners to work on it.


To know more log on to :- https://www.polymer-project.org

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