Points to keep in mind for effective writing


Writing is a tool to express one ‘s desires and thoughts, for experienced writers, writing is like music where the know instinctively where every piece goes the weave there thoughts in the thread of words, but even they keep some pointers in mind while writing .

Each type of writer has different motives for writing where media writers write to inform& sometimes persuade .while some write for the sake of writing

Whatever be the cause there are some principles we should keep in mind which are as follows:-

1.       Standard usage to create a bond b/w the writer and the reader

  • Use technically accurate language-as your goal is always to write in such a manner that the reader  can understand your intended meaning  so its necessary to use comprehensive and up to date  dictionary
  • Use appropriate level of formality-commonly known as network  language ,English has a rich diversity of forms and formalities from legal to slang .where every type of writing  has its own style thus its necessary to maintain a certain level of formality.
  • Avoid grammatical myths.
  • Make sure subject and verb agree.
  • Make sure noun and pronoun agree.
  • Avoid bulky sentences as big sentence- as they  are often confusing.
  •  place words carefully.
  • Be moderate with adjective and verbs.
  • Avoid empty phrases
  • Keep elements parallel
  • Keep punctuation simple
  • 2.       Principle of simple language                                                                                                             

the first and most important thing for a writer is to strip his writing bare to the bone. As the power of English is not in overpowering the reader but  using a simple language to settle in new ideas  , so its necessary that the language be desirable to the readers.

  • Try writing logically with proper though process.
  • Write in a flow ,naturally- it’s not necessary that every time  grammatically correct sentences are  the right ones.
  •  Reduce redundancies- are the words which do not add any new meaning to the sentences as some other worlds already give the meaning.
  • Prefer simple language.
  • Avoid creating new words -sometimes writer in attempts to add their own touch create new words which only  create difficulty for readers.
  • Limit the use of foreign construct- common readers are not familiar with foreign words, so when you have to use these kinds of words in bracket  give there translation enriching the knowledge of the reader making your writing more desirable
  • Reduce unwanted rhyme & rhythm- sometimes writer  in attempts to  create a sense of dept or flow which only confuses the reader.
  • Use short sentences .
  • Use active voice as much as possible.
  1. 3.       principles of meaningful writing
  • Paint a word picture-meaning  write in such a way so that the reader can visualize the situation .
  • Use familiar words to explain unfamiliar words.
  • Use right words.
  • Give precise definition-for better  understanding give  proper definition rather than sum up’s.
  • Maximum use of verbs -as verbs establish a point effectively.
  • Avoid jargons- jargons are the technical words used  in a  industry or field of work and it’s uncanny for  writers to use it ,as the general public are unfamiliar to these words.
  • Avoid  pretentious words and euphemism-

pretentious: words used which over inflate the meaning of the word .

euphemism:  language intentionally made less direct because the direct version may

be offensive or upsetting

  1. 4.       Principle of inclusive writing-
  • Use gender correct words- as when you are writer you do not want to leave  out a certain section of the   society reducing your readership.
  • Use neutral words – avoid using masculine or feminine words when referring to a occupation. This also reduces your readership as the other gender will not be able to associate with the character.
  • Avoid stereotype
  • Be sensitive in describing age
  • Describe physical characters with care-this is very important as sometimes this  can be the deciding factor in categorizes your writing as general or erotica.

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