Photography – 7 technical words that you must know

Photography – Seven technical words that you must know to be a professional photographer

New Words …..for Photography And Videography

1)HEADROOM- It is the space between the upper screen’s edge and the head of the subject. This headroom should be in proper amount otherwise the scene would look awkward to the audience.
2)NOSEROOM-It is as similar to Headroom only, difference between both of them is that headroom deal with the horizontal space whereas noseroom deal with the vertical space as to give the sense of the direction to the audience.
3)COLOUR TEMPERATURE- This deals with the relative amount of reddishness and bluishness in the white light which is measured in Kelvin degrees. The camera should be adjusted according to the prevailing light because bluish light has the high temperature whereas reddish light has low temperature.
a)Continuity Vector- These are those vectors that succeed each other in the same direction.
b)Converging Vector-These are those vectors which are used to energies the evnt and move a point toward each other.
c)Diverging Vector-It is just opposite to converging vector in which vectors move in opposite directions.
5)JUMPCUT- Whwn in a video a image jumps from one screen position to the another position just after the cut.
6)DISSOLVE- When gradually there is a transition from one shot to another in which both the shots overlap each other.
a)Keylight- This word is given to that light which suppose to be the main source of light during the shoot.
b) Fill Light- This word refer to those lights which are use to eliminate the shadows created by the keylight.
c)Back Light- As the name suggest these are those lights which are positioned at the back of the head of the subject in order to create more depth in the scene or photo. It lights up the background as well according to the requirement.
8)Visual Tension- It’s the word for the interplay of unbalanced and balanced elements which can affect the scene visually and can led to the visual tension.

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