The trend of photo and video journalism has picked up pace in the modern era. People are acquainting about the different possibilities associated with this field. Photo and video journalism has emerged to its peak and more and more people are getting engaged.

It requires a lot of courage and determination to rise in this field. Journalists are required to go to unknown locations and carry forward their story. In the process they get to face various circumstances but they have to be rigid to follow their story.

A person inspirited to be a photo or video journalist should be well aware about the technical aspects of the camera and its usage. A tentative bird’s eye is a necessity in this occupation. The journalist must be mindful about the different aspects of the camera and the angle through which the story should be presented.

The major part of the work is done by the video and photo journalists. They have to reach on the spot where the incident took place. There are certain interventions by the police and other officials when they try to record the story from the crime scene or the area of activity. Bravery and fortitude is what pays in the end.

The globalisation that lead to digitalisation has advanced people to switch over to more of visual experience. The audience will only recognize a work that shows more of evidence and research work. Higher will be the TRP of the media house that shows the actual incident. This has forced the photo or video journalist to reach at the location before anyone does, cover the news and send it to the media house as fast as possible. There is no place for laggard in this field. Media houses will employ only those people who are diligent and hard working. So one needs to be the best out of the rest!!

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