Personally Professional

Personally Professional

How personally professional we can be ? Business and professional community is growing in India for over two decades now, thanks to the policy of globalization started in 1991. Being professional now-a-days is equivalent to being committed to work more than anything else. It means keeping one’s private and work life at the two edges of a balancing rod. The greater the force applied to any one of the edges, and the rod will tend to fall. So the immense need of professionalism along with management of personal life for a developing country like India is the talk of the hour.
During the post-independence era, India was a basic agrarian economy. Most of the revenue used to come from agriculture and a greater part of the population invested its time and energy in making our country self-sufficient in food. The talks among the people used to be more related to indigeneous competitiveness, like two producers competing for a home-made product. Most of the work sectors used to be managed be the government, with a lot of options pertaining to subsidies and base prices. Even the service sector was largely managed by the government, where getting a government job used to be the ‘royal’ thing. The currency was strong, because it had no influence whatsoever of foreign economies. The market was closed, so most of what used to be exported or imported was to cross the barriers of heavy duties and taxes. In this era, professionalism was still important, but it was not something our bosses stressed too much upon.
Now comes post-globalization era. It is said that a frog in its well feels like a king. And so were we, pre-1991 times. Now, the frog was somehow given a rope and a chance to find new and fresh wells, with less stagnant water and a blessing of healthy lifestyle. Now, the currency is depreciating, because we are producing less GDP per capita per working person as compared to China or Japan or Germany or USA or Brazil. We are in an era of revenue dependency on manufacturing and services, which need to be a continuous task, rather than waiting for the monsoons for crops to grow. Now, taxes are less on imports and exports, owing to the favor bestowed on us by our government to become as modern as possible. Now, we tend to attend classes on professionalism to know how to actually become one.
As social animals, we need to grow, interact and know the world more than any other animal. Somehow, it becomes a significant factor for our survival and so we need to develop the skills to survive. I don’t say that the frog developed wings and flew off from his well, but he certainly adjusted to change, which he hoped was for his own good. And so are we, albeit via different circumstances, bound to develop a sense of professionalism to match the qualities of a healthy economy. To become economically well-off, we need to be at par with ‘polished’ professionals who know how to make a good use of their time and manage their lives.
I do not intend to say that we become mechanical. But if we mix our personal and professional lives, it is bound to gather chaos. The major factor that is affected is our productivity, which is time-dependent and time does not come again. Somehow, we need to develop the sense that there is no free lunch in this world, and we need to earn it. And if professionalism in work is what is required for a better earning, we need to do it.

Professionally yours.

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