Aah!! I know the word ‘moron’ must have grabbed your attention. You must be wondering maybe it is just another category of morons… NO! Oxymoron is not really a moron, but technically nothing less either.

An oxymoron is usually defined as a phrase in which two opposite meanings are brought together.”The true beauty of oxymorons,” says Richard Watson Todd, “is that, unless we sit back and really think, we happily accept them as normal English.” You might have come across them many times in your life without realising that these phrases got a name. Here are a few funny oxymorons:-

  • Beginning with the most common one ‘Original Copies‘. Now will you please tell me do you need the original document or the Xerox copy!?!
  • You might have come across this one at airport or in shopping malls when the alien living inside the speaker shouts “Found Missing  “. Really I’d want to ask Mr.Speaker if he could explain if it was found after it went missing or we are supposed to find it as it is presently missing!?!
  • When laughing really hard we sometimes exclaim “This is seriously funny“. So I would like to tell all such Mr./Ms Brouhaha that your dialogue plus behaviour actually conveys that whatever it was, it was so serious that you lost your mind and began laughing. The stress buster syndrome I guess!
  • A thing that you would have used many times “ Plastic Glasses“. Now if it is glass then how can it be plastic because as far as I know these are two different things!
  • Another one that comes along very often while you explain yourself “It was an open secret“. Please explain me that if it was a secret than how was it open!?!

Whoa!! After all this confusion I can exactly estimate that my brain has stopped working…..


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