Office Politics

Office Politics


‘Politics’ refers to social relations to gain authority or power.
‘ Office Politics’ means use of power to achieve the changes that benefit the organisation or individuals working in it.
In any organisation, it is naive to expect a politics-free zone. And business schools and institutions can never prepare you for the manipulations and mind-games that exists in the corporate set-up. Whether individual or group is engaged in office politics, both are highly destructive, as people focus on personal gains or benefits at the cost of the organisation. A line says ‘self-serving politics actions can negatively influence our social grouping, cooperations, information sharing and many other organisational functions’. Thus, it is important to create a healthy political landscape and more attention on organisational politics.
Have you ever notice how some mediocre employees rise while more capable ones fade? Often, it is because they know how to play office politics.
You could choose the higher moral grounds and stay out of office politics but saying ‘ I am not interested in politics’ can never guarantee you that people will leave you alone. Once you get branded in the workplace, people will always be on their guard around you so you’ll always have to ‘politics battle ready’.

Play positive politics:
Play positive politics, although your co-workers or bosses will probably turn any stabbing instincts. So, lets learn some positive politics strategies-
* Encourage your respected ‘higher-ups’ to think you as a protege, and they are more likely to defend you when you need them.
* Perform some ‘deliberate acts of kindness’.
* If some important tasks are not in your job, ask if you can take one on. Be sure everyone knows it.
* keep your Antennae on-
– keep an eye on the people who seems to disagree you at the meetings.
-keep yourself updated with the information loop and you should never be lacking in resources which need to do in your job.
So, if you play positive politics, you’ll never have to go into attack mode. Always remember that there’s no CEO in the world who hasn’t played the politics to succeed in this world!

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