College life is a very crucial phase in an individual’s life, it is the time when a student actually starts to grow and become independent. This period requires a lot of guidance and support from our loved ones. But what if our parents and friends are not there to guide and show us the right way? How are we supposed to judge between things and deal with situations?

The feeling of change in atmosphere that results shifting from a small city to a metropolitan one, requires mental preparedness and a strong belief in oneself. Adapting the environment, making new friends, adjusting in the PG or Hostel, all this requires a great deal of effort from the students end. The life is no longer limited to just studying, there are so many new things to explore. Facing these challenges and making your time productive is what every student looks forward to.
All the major cities of India have become a synonym of crime against women. Being a girl, it gets increasingly difficult to manage in such scenario. You can no longer enjoy the comfort of travelling with your own vehicles. Besides this travelling by auto and metro alone needs a lot of mental alertness .You need to be more responsible as you realise you can no longer depend on anybody. A student gets to face countless distractions from never ending parties to endless night-outs. You need to make the right choices for yourself and be aware of whom you trust.
Apart from this, a student gets to see diverse changes. Learning to socialize with new people and tackling difficult situations on our own are the key lessons of life. We start taking charge over our lives and making decisions for ourselves. This is the purest form of independence that enriches our mind and soul and makes us prepared for the biggest challenges in life.

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