Numerology: Know your Driver & Conductor


Numerology Know your Driver & Conductor


Every person who takes birth in this world have a definite date, time and place. A person is known by his name and work he does or did. We see Jyotish in the form of  vastu shastra,numerology,palmistry and astrology. All these contains reason of problems and their solutions with the help of Tantra & Mantra.

If one want to know his Mulank, he need his date of birth in the format of day/month/year. For example  a person born on 03/10/2014 then his  driver will be 0+3=3, it comes by adding both the digit of the day and conductor will be 0+3+1+0+2+0+1+4=11=1+1=2, it comes by adding all the digit of the day, month & Year.

Here driver is 3 i.e Jupiter and Conductor is 2 i.e Moon.    It means our life will be lead by the Jupiter and entering  & dealing with  others in our life will be regulated through Moon. The number of all planet is as under:-

Number                  1                             2                            3                             4                           5                         6

Planet                   Surya                 Chandra               Jupiter                  Uranus               Budh                Shukra

Number                 7                           8                                9

Planet                Neptune              Shani                    Mangal

For this we have to know the role of all 9 planets. The role of planets  are as ;-

Surya- Creative,Strong Determinative, Researcher, Administrator

Chandra- Imaginative,Artistic, Romantic

Jupiter- High aspirational, Leader, Controller, faithful, Teacher

Uranus-Debater, Different thought

Budh- Friendly Nature, high temperament, Tension

Shukra- Power of attraction, get love and respect, love beautiful things

Neptune- writer, artist, take interest in outside world

Shani- Feel alone, determinative, influences, very fortunate / lucky to other

Mangal- Anger, low patience, work on inner motivation, self owner

So try to find your Driver & Conductor and try to make combination and co-operation between Driver and Conductor, so that you face the challenges of the life very conveniently.

Always remember ” The problems or obstacles demands change for the good or bad, which is a part of our life journey, nobody can escape from it” problems or obstacles will come, stay & Go but how we react on it, that’s matter……

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