Everywhere you look around, there are so many things that demand your time and attention, all at once – “Answer the phone”, “Click here”, “Go there”, “Open me” and so on. This requires multitasking, forcing you to pay attention to many stimuli at the same time and thus not being able to focus on any one task completely. Multi-tasking is often promoted to as a way for us to meet the complex demands of our modern society and accomplish more in the same amount of time. But have you ever tried to eat food, make a presentation and talk on phone simultaneously? You are not able to do a single task properly and time gets wasted.

Multi-tasking is often considered a good quality but it does not result in good quality of work. In fact, attempting to do many things at the same time can actually have the negative effect; it makes your work less efficient and contributes to stress. No matter what analogies or metaphors you might have heard, a human being is not a computer. If you attempt to multi-task at home or on the job you’re likely mess up something in your day or week. A computer can operate many functions at the same time because it is designed to reduce human time and effort but we are not a machine. We might be able to perform equally well on low level task but as we move on to higher level tasks, it becomes more important for us to focus on a single task.

Science has shown that your brain works best when it gives sharp attention in one direction. Therefore, the key is to focus on the task at hand and be present in the moment.  When the phone rings while you are working on your computer, save the work on your screen and turn to the phone. Give the caller your complete and undivided attention.  Then, put the phone down and finally turn back to your PC and begin again. When you will complete one task successfully with whole-heartedly attention and concentration you will feel more energetic and positive and then you will do the next task with more focus and zeal.

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