Most Influential Journalists (from Print Journalism)

Most Influential Journalists (from Print Journalism)

Journalists are the heart of media. Journalism is not a mere profession but an important part of the societal ecosystem. They play a huge role in mobilizing views and perceptions. Journalists are the middlemen between public and news makers, thus, what they convey is really important. Their dedication to gather important pieces of news stories and unparalleled professionalism in disseminating them through print or broadcast is appreciable.
There have been various journalists in the past who have contributed their heart and soul to the profession and are thus addressed as the pillars or idols of the journalism world.

1) John Peter Zenger: He became the American hero for the freedom of press. He published the New York Weekly Journal in 1700s and wrote things that criticized the local government. He dug out the fact that people liked reading critiques about the local government and enjoyed them. But the government arrested him and sent him for trials. However, ultimately the victory lied in Zenger’s side of the court. He triggered the American Revolution and argued that press shall have freedom of expression.

2) Benjamin Franklin: Franklin is known for various inventions and various theories. But he was a great journalist too. In 1730s, with his two partners, Franklin published the Pennsylvania Chronicle, a newspaper. This newspaper was known for mobilizing people of America for The American Revolution. It contained revolutionary ideas and sentiments. Thus, Franklin used media to propagate ideas and make America the society that it is today.

3) William Randolph Hearst: I have discussed Hearst in my previous blogs where I talked about yellow Journalism. Hearst was one the beginners of sensationalism of news called yellow journalism. However, he was the one who started the biggest chain of newspapers. The chain numbered around 30 newspapers circulated in almost all peak cities of America. He influenced journalism in America to the very core.

4) Joseph Pulitzer: That’s a name heard often? Isn’t it? Well, Pulitzer prizes given to best journalists are named after Joseph Pulitzer. Pulitzer, who was engaged in the yellow journalism war with Hearst, later diverted to truth in journalism. He later ran the New York World. He also faced charge of libel upon exposing an illegal crime; however he was victorious in defending himself.

These journalists have created huge influence in media and journalism. Through their passion, they had reached the panache of their profession.

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