Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning Blues 

8 life skills to beat work blues and succeed in your career

Blues in Work, Beat them Hard with these Steps

Working is an essential part of everyone’s life and there is a point in life, when we are completely exhausted, feel like nauseating to be at work and even the slightest thought about it makes us feel stressed and upset. These are the little hard steps that comes during a perfect staircase of life and people who have crossed it using various ideas have always been the successful people. The successful people either jump hard to cross them or just take another set of staircase. Either ways, you have got to encounter it to make a decision. Instead, I say beat it hard, black and blue.

Let’s find steps to beat the blues at work,


I find it essential to start religious. May the Lord Shiva, Lord Jesus or Lord Allah or other Lords save us. We find ourselves at religious places when we need a piece of mind and apart from that, during hardship we need someone to listen to all our stupid wants and God is the only one who can listen to us all time. If you do not feel motivated, just go see the Gods at their places and you might not get motivation but peace of course which is important to stay motivated.

Identify Your Strengths

Lack of motivation occurs when we fail to identify our strengths. These strengths are the places we are comfortable with and that is the region you love working for. People who identify their areas of strengths have never shown signs of weakness.

Discover your Weakness

Finding your strengths might make you feel comfortable but identifying your weakness and working towards them makes you invincible. Every employee has a weakness and when it is triggered , we feel unsafe and that is when we are generally demotivated. It is best to identify and abstain from them to lead a normal joyful work life

Make Crystal Clear Life Goals

Clearly defining the life goals and in turn deciding the milestones that are supposed to achieve in each phase of life is rather important than having a crude aim. Just focus on whether your work will take you there and ignite the spirits in your mind each day by accomplishing small things that help towards them. Dream everyday of the afterlife after you reach that goal and trust me, your colleagues will find motivation in you.

Treat Yourself

One of the best ways I personally prefer to beat the blues and always to get myself going is to treat now and then with yourself. Prefer eating desserts at the end or just desserts now and then , whenever you go out or accomplish something in life. Cherish those little moments, feel the taste of the desserts and forget your worries.

Find a Friend

Colleagues are people you find in office and friends are companions you find in office. This friend is the person whom you share your cup of coffee, little gossips and favorite good byes. Try to keep them close and the work place is a heaven. Heaven is where you are comfortable and no work is hard here. Motivation runs like a hole in the rat and you feel like the cat that can fit into the hole.

Love everyone around you

Wait, we are talking about finding motivation at work and how does love work here. Love is intangible, universal, unrealistic yet powerful. Love is the cute little girl’s smile that makes our day complete. Love is our mom’s care to dry our hair during rainy travel. Love is dad’s voice over the phone asking where we are and are we safe now after any bad thing happens in the locality. Love is wives sugar coffee served with stress inside her. Love is all around us and feel it. It is the best thing that can over power any emotions and lack of motivation at work feels like fly in a 1000 kg Cake.

Finally, Survival

If you are not convinced to get motivated by the above methods, this one small instinct inside every human being will work, the survival instinct. Every living being lives to make sure that their future generation survive. This is rather a duty than a mere feeling inside every surviving being. Humans being the most dominant creatures in the world, if we do not have this instinct , let thou God may have mercy on you.

Motivation at workplace is a desirable process and cannot be achieved unless one desires to find it. People who look for motivation are people who are not connected to reality at the moment. These plethora of steps given to you, can make sure you find yourselves in the arms of reality and once you are here, life will start nudging you again. Think these as cherishing moments and cross it passionately that others write a theory on you.

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