Mobile Computing


Mobile Computing? Why mobile computing? Well look around you how many people are on their phone doing everything except calling someone? A person is busy checking his Facebook status,someone is booking his tickets and someone is performing some serious calculations!

So what is mobile computing? Its simply performing functions with your phone or any wireless device without the need for the establishment of a physical connection to any stationary devices. It is essentially a technology with the ability to send receive data across these cellular networks.

Mobile computing starts with the actual hardware inside a smartphone. It is powered by a microprocessor and data storage is handled by memory chips. Power sourcing is handled by a radio frequency element and the concerned telecom network sends and receives information on 2G or 3G or 4G networks.

These wireless networks carry the data where it is supposed to go. Back in the olden days, data was routed through cell towers in a  provider’s physical network to another user’s phone. With mobile computing, data is also delivered onto the Internet via the provider’s telecom network. This hybrid system accommodates mobile computing, where users can access Internet sites over their smartphones. Now users can also perform mobile computing while taking calls. This has led to multiprocessing systems with improved technology and better power.

Application areas of mobile computing include:

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Railway and Airplane Industry
  • Banking Industry
  • Insurance and Finance Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry etc

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