The State supremacy lies in its coordination among three organs  Legislature, Executive & the  Judiciary.

Addressing Disputes through Mediation will lead to saving valuable resources.

Today in present scenario there is a alarming high litigation’s pending from lower district courts to supreme court of India. The need of speedy process in time and valuable savings of resource seeks an alternative method in an approach for sorting out the grievances and redressal through a mechanism called Mediation.

Mediation principle is voluntary process includes an impartial and neutral mediator, who tries to bring together the disputant parties to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution. A mediator adopting neutralized and special communication mechanism with negotiating techniques.  The parties have an opportunity to ventilate their grievances and feelings and thereafter work out for possible the solutions. The mediator need not to decide or to impose any solution on the parties but creates a favourable environment to enable them to reach an amicable, economical and quick settlement.

Advantages of mediation lies in spirit of achieving possible solution within possible time frame by parties. As it save value in terms of money, time and human resources. Eliminates risk of litigation, more flexibility in methodology and tries to develop win-win situation with bringing peace and harmony among the parties. Mediators can be Lawyers, Engineers, Public servant and citizen

Currently, Mediation Centers are developed with support of government and Law courts are addressing its citizen and ensuring timely justice responsive towards the public. It safeguard our right as in Article 39-A of the Constitution of India, 1950 creates an obligation on the government to provide equal justice and free legal aid and to provide opportunity to all for “Access to Justice”.

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