Marketing and Psychology part -1


Consumers are classified based on their purchasing capacities which as one would expect boil down to their purchasing capacities. Generally classified in layman terms The Rich and The average middle-class man.This series of articles aims to focus on how a market regardless of the product it aims to sell,could focus on the behavior and psychological patterns of the consumer.Lets focus first on how a market could sell its product to a significantly well off consumer.They could once again be classified based on their behavior as:

1)The flamboyant and excessively spending consumers

2)The humble and down to earth consumers.

3)Those Customers who are more than likely to be closely associated with charity.

4)A mixture of all the above but definitely in definite proportions.

There is no doubt that the last category is the most popular one.In the next article ,we will introspect on how marketing managers and Business Development Mangers could work on these characteristics.

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