Manufacturing Competitive through QMS/QTT

Manufacturing Competitive through QMS QTT

To being Competitive is a process of gradual up-gradation with Innovative Spirit

In order to be a Manufacturing competitive there is need of special techniques and mechanism to revamp manufacturing capability. It consist of Quality Management Standards (QMS) and Quality Technology Tools (QTT) that pertains to a manufacturing growth and capability.

World over,MSMEs are recognized as important constituent of national economies, employment expansion and poverty alleviation. Recognizing the importance of MSMEs, it forms a important segment of Indian economy, for its contribution to countries industrial production, exports, employment and entrepreneurial base. Therefore it sets a mark of responsibility to improve the sector with a sustained economic growth in manner generates employment, QMS &QTT are programs aims at improvements.

It has been ascertained that by implementing Quality Technology Tools like 6-sigma, TQM, TPM, 7QC, 5S System in certain sector have improved substantially in terms of productivity, reduction in rejections and customer complains and improvement in quality. Similarly adoption of Quality Management Standards like ISO 9000/18000/22000/14000/27000 by MSMEs have also shown improved performances. Therefore it is essential for MSMEs to adopt the best manufacturing practices to enable them to be competitive in current scenario of global competition.

The adoption of these tools enables MSMEs to achieve:

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Improvement in product quality
  • Reduction in rejection and re-work in course of manufacturing
  • Reduction in building up inventory at the various stages in form of raw materials, work-in-progress, finished components, products. This enable to achieve higher export in global market.

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