Major Problems of Interview as a Selection Device

Major Problems of Interview as a Selection Device

Regardless of the type , several problems are inherent in interviews. Selection specialists must be aware of these problems and need to be trained to overcome them. These problems are :

  • Interviewers have a tendency to be swayed by negative information about the applicants.
  • Interviews may make snap judgments easily in the interview . consequently , they block out further potentially useful information.
  • Interviewers do not seek applicants information dimensions needed for successful job performance. Often , they don’t have a complete job description . Besides , the interviewer often doesn`t know the conditions under which the job is performed .
  • Interviewer permit one trait or job related attribute to influence their evaluation of the remaining qualities of an applicant . This process , called the halo effect , occurs when an interviewer judges an applicants entire potential for job performance on the basis of a single characteristic , such as how well the applicant dresses or talk .
  • Interviewers judgments are often affected by the pressure to favor a particular candidate or fill the position , hence they lower the standards.
  • Interviewers judgments regarding an applicant often affected by the list of available applicants. A good person looks better in contrast to a group of average or below average applicants.
  • Some interviewers may give emphasis to educational qualifications while many others give weightage to experience.

One of the guidelines for an effective interview are :

  • Always use the structured form.
  • Evaluate the interviewee immediately after the interview .
  • Focus on traits that are most accurately assess in the interviews
  • Get the interviewee to talk .
  • Respect the reservation policy of the concerned government .

Some of the Do`s and Don`ts be kept in mind by the interviewers .

Do`s :

  1. Plan the interview .
  2. Establish an easy and informal relationship .
  3. Cover the ground as planned.
  4. Probe where necessary .
  5. Analyse the career and interests to reveal strengths , weaknesses and patterns of behavior .
  6. Maintain control over the direction and time taken for the interview .

Don`ts :

  1. Start the interview unprepared .
  2. Plunge troo quickly into demanding questions .
  3. Ask leading questions .
  4. Jump to conclusions on adequate evidences .
  5. Pay too much attention to isloated strenghths and weaknesses .
  6. Allow the candidte to gloss over important facts .
  7. Talk too much .

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