Loss of HR in India !

Loss of HR in India !

We all knows or say every fool knows , India is a developing country . Hearing this since number of Decades , the reasons behind it :

  • Lack of Natural Resources
  • Population Explosion
  • Lack of funds
  • Unstable government
  • Backward technology & so on..

`People are the real wealth of a nation` and India is enriched with people  then who is stronger in the world ? India or other countries like america , japan . The problem is Indian government unable to utilize its Human resource in a efficient manner . around 30% of population are living below poverty line . they are not providing basic facilities to half of the population .

According to Human development Report , various dimensions of human development are :

  •  Empowerment
  • Sustainability and vulnerability
  • Human security
  • Perception of individual well being and happiness
  • Civic and community well-being
  • Decent work
  • Education
  • Health

if we seriously go through these dimensions ,there is development but very restricted and poor people unable to get benefit .Stronger people threatens them and they cannot access to any government services to a large extent & why this so happened ? Lack of educated people . India`s only around 10% population is literate and on criteria of ~ those who can write their names considered educated . 90% of population illiterate . this problem need to be reduced . the objective of five year plans is inclusive growth . but do you think ? if all get educated they automaticalaly empowered and able to show off their skills for the betterment of the country .

India losing its intellectual property which is benefiting by other countries . Due lack of proper education facility or career paths  they rushed towards leading countries .

there are number of people who depicts street play through their children and they are very unaffected with govt. benefit scheme.so this is not inclusive growth . as per the situation India will remain developing country .

So i just request to the government try to convert their HR from weakness to strength , then it will possible  to achieve goals put more concentration on those people who are very worst affected . that will leads to inclusive growth .Improve their staff performance .

And i request political leaders , instead of spending heavy amount on Ads do spend that on improvement of life style of affected people. Try to provide best medical services . Promote cleanliness and sanitation .

i wish all the very best to everyone, please support government in eradication of these problems and India will shine out great .

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