Logistics – All you need to know

Logistics – All you need to know


Physical distribution involves planning, implementing and controlling the physical flow of goods, services and related information from producers to customers. In fact, physical distribution aims at getting the right product to the right customer in the right place and at the right time. It covers not only outbound logistics, but also inbound logistics and also supply chain management.

Logistics deal with all activities that facilitate product flow from the point of raw material acquisition to the point of final consumption as well as the information flow that set the production in motion for the purpose of providing adequate levels of customer service. Logistics help the inflow of materials into the manufacturing process. It also helps in distribution of products to consumers through various marketing channels. Hence, logistical support is a must for marketing and manufacturing operations.  The scope of logistics is twofold : First, it is the movement of raw materials to the plant which is called physical supply and second, it is the flow of finished products from the plant to the customers and is called physical distribution.

Logistics management is the process of strategically managing the movement and storage of materials, parts and finished inventory from the supplier through the firm and on to the customers. It describes the entire process of materials and products moving into, through and out of the company.

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