Lethargic and Arbitrary Staff

Lethargic and Arbitrary Staff


Lethargic means lack of energy or sluggishness . Arbitrary means personal whim.

Lethargic staff refers to those people who are unable to give their best position due to some reasons . these kind of employees shall behave like this due to lack of energy or health issues  or by willing who loses interest in work or personal issues .

Arbitrary staff refers to those persons who would not like to follow the instructions of their superior or suppose to work according to themselves . they don`t want to go through rules and regulations.

Lethargic and arbitrary  employees not only affects the performance of team but also individual attitudes towards work . very often it is noticed that number of employees who spends most of their time on cell phones during office hour . Besides being a source of irritation, their laziness could sometimes dampen the congenial atmosphere at the workplace.

Generally , governments are worst affected with the behavior of Lethargic  & Arbitrary  kind of employees. Govt. is unable to utilize its officers or employees in an effective manner . these employees down the output and make the teams under perform.In processes or projects where the team work is required and suppose to be work under team leaders and this really requires co-operation and mutual understanding between colleagues, and shirking any of these responsibilities by even one member can cause the project to fail.

Its very essential to improve the behavior of lethargic and arbitrary employees . I would like to suggest some general points to remove these problems .

  • Firstly, management require to notice such kind employees and try to find to find the reason behind it .
  • Once the reason will come to know to eradicate these problems .
  • Try to re motivate the employees and give proper assistance to enhance performance .
  • Enact some strict rules and regulation on behavior of arbitrary employees and put methods to remove arbitrariness .
  • Organize  time to time counselling for its employees and don`t let the seed grow of letharginess  and arbitrariness in them due to stress or any other personal circumstances .
  • Put strict supervision over the working of employees and revoke them to increase these problems.
  • Govt. should issue the guidelines of proper management, ineffective management leads to ineffective performance of employees.
  • Employees hall be well coordinated .
  • Officials should informed the higher authorities on time .

In case,  after all relevant actions taken to reduce this problem , then officials should put strict action like suspension , dismiss , demote etc.

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