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Learning A never-Ending Process


Learning things is a weird process, don’t you think?
When we’re infants, we learn how to stand just like that one fine day. We learn to talk just like that too. And then one day we’re eating food on our own. While these things we learn just like that, there are other things that take us a lot of practice to learn- like writing, riding a bicycle, learning the math tables, drawing and the like.

But, is learning limited only to our school and university? Does it have a scope beyond that? Of course it does.
Learning begins on our first day on earth, and goes on till our last day. It never stops. Every day brings with itself something new for us to learn, and in order to grow completely, in accordance with our potential, it is very important for us to keep learning from different sources.

I believe that there exists no person who has realized his/her full potential already. I believe that no matter what all one is able to accomplish, there is still something left for that person to learn. The world’s richest person might have all riches in the world, but he could be lacking patience. He learnt the art of money making, but not the virtue of patience.
The fastest runner conditioned and endured and learnt perseverance, but he might be the most selfish person you could ever come across.
The fine food that you enjoy at your favorite restaurant might be made by an excellent cook, but he could be able to only speak broken English. He learnt the art of gourmet, but he still has English to learn.

No matter what you achieve, or what position you savor in life, I guarantee you, you will never run out of things to learn.
When you stop learning from your surroundings, from other people, from movies, from internet, from books and from your experiences, it’d mean that you give up on yourself, that you accept your growth as it is, without working any further on it. However, this is not the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to keep learning, and keep growing in the process.
The person sitting next to you in the bus or the metro might teach you something about some game in his phone.
The girl sitting next to you in class, by chance, might just make you learn the art of a good and neat handwriting.
Our parents are the epitome of selflessness, and are capable of teaching us the values of sacrifice and selflessness.
Your dog, whom you pet and pamper endlessly is fully capable of teaching you obedience and loyalty.
Your favorite actor can teach you the art of speaking.
All failures in your life are capable of teaching you the art of acceptance, and the art of perseverance.
Your teacher, yes- the one who’s lectures you find very boring to pay attention to- might just be able to teach you great oratory skills.
The staff in your school/college- associating with whom is somehow ‘below our standard’- could teach us some valuable lessons in hard work and modesty by their inspiring life stories.
Our partners in life can teach us a lot about patience. They’re capable of teaching us a lot about our own selves.

Life will never lack any opportunities to teach us something new. We will never grow too old to learn a new skill. My parents, having almost touched 50 years of age, are now learning Facebook and YouTube shortcuts from my sibling and me.
My grandmother, having lived more than 80 years of her life, still tries to learn English, as much as she can comprehend, every day without fail.”
My grandfather is too enthusiastic to learn how to operate our modern age touch screen phones.

Want to learn a new language? Enroll yourself.
Want to bake more? Look for recipes and try.
Want to learn how to swim? Don’t think too much, buy a costume, spot a pool and enroll yourself.
You think you have a good voice? Try your hand at singing.
Liked drawing as a kid? You sure could take some drawing classes.

Don’t think what the world would think of you.
Learn. Grow. Learn some more.

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