Kali: The Arsenal of Penetration Testers!


Yep, you’ve heard that correctly!

Kali is an open source penetration testing framework, designed specially for penetration testers.

The earlier version of Kali was known as BackTrack, Kali can be said as the ultimate tool for performing penetration testing activities. Built upon the open sourced Linux kernel, Kali too is a Freeware.

A penetration tester is a person who tests the vulnerability of a system by checking how deep he/she can penetrate into it.

Penetration testing require a loot of tools, some of which even need to be licensed, this reduces the application of penetration testing activities, thus and open source operating system, yes you’ve heard that correctly Kali is a open sourced operating system designed specially for penetration testing activities, it is an entire OS dedicated for just a single purpose.

It might only include some small tools, right?

No, that’s incorrect, Kali has a vast repository of tools which have been designed by professional hacker and penetration testers. Some of the greatest tools included in Kali are:

1. Reaver for cracking Wi-Fi passwords without using a predefined list.

2. John-the-reaper: offline password cracking tool.

3. Metasploit Framework: An entire array of toolsΒ  for penetrating into systems (Linux or Windows)

and many more…

The entire listing of tools can be found here: http://tools.kali.org/tools-listing

Thus Kali is a one-stop arsenal to all of the weapons required for penetration testing.

Kali can be download for free from:Β  https://www.kali.org/downloads/t

Note: The main purpose of this article is to create awareness and must be used for educational purpose only.

Thank You, take care, and have a cyber-safe day!

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