Japan Breaks Train Speed Record With Maglev Train

Japan Breaks Train Speed Record With Maglev Train

A Japanese magnetic train has broken its own world speed record by covering 603km/h in a test run near Mount Fuji.It is like a miracle.’Maglev’ is an abbreviation of ‘Magnetic levitation’.Maglev trains use electronically charged magnets to lift and move carriages above the rail tracks.The train reached 603 km/h in a test run surpassed its previous record of 581 km/h in 2003 said by operator of Central Japan Railway.How a maglev train works?Here is a answer-A maglev’s train has a long line of electromagnets.These pull the train from the front and push it from behind.The electromagnets are powered by controlled alternating currents which continually propels to forward the train.There is a difference between a maglev train and a conventional train is that train do not have an engine.an engine for maglev train is inconspicuous(not very easy to see or notice). Instead of using fuel,the magnetic field produced by the electrified colls in the guideway walls and the track combines to propel the train.A new high speed record by Japan has led many to ask how long India will starts setting similar records in train speeds.Well,India may still be many years away from kick starting high speed rail record.Critics of the Japanese maglev system said that the technology is too expensive,power intensive,and potentially unsafe.Japanese engineers said that their system can deal with this and the continuing tests will prove the safety and efficiency of this new technology.After decades of research and development,Japan’s technology will shape a new generation of trains.Passengers will not be able to experience the maglev’s record breaking speed because the company said its trains will operate at a maximum speed of 505km/h.In comparison of this,the fastest operating speed of a Japanese Shinkansen or bullet train is 320 km/h.Central Japan Railway wants to commence the service between the Tokyo and the central city of Nagoya by 2027.If completed as planned in 2027,280 km/h distance between the two will be travelled in only 40 minutes.Japan is hoping to sell its high speed train technology to the U.S.


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Japan’s maglev breaks world speed record
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