Is MODERN fruit really healthy?

Is MODERN fruit really healthy

If becoming modern means wearing western clothes,using smart phones,watching English series,having I-phones, then yes we are becoming modern!

But still, modernity is not just about using latest technologies or wearing clothes according to current fashion, its about changing the mindsets of people. And we are still lacking that thing. Becoming modern means leaving all the superstitions behind and thinking logically.  Its about wearing comfortable clothes rather than following the fashion.

Why a girl driving a car or a person speaking in Hindi is looked down upon?
Why a rape victim is despised so much?
Why we laugh at a person not using smart phones or if a person is not on whats app?

Why we still judge others by one’s work. We don’t respect others if they aren’t at good position or doing some excellent job. Being modern means respecting everyone and seeing all as equal whether one is street cleaner or a businessman.

People drink alcohol and take drugs privately but they consider others who drink as sinners.This kind of double standards are actually creating mental imbalance in our mind to judge wrong or right. Our MODERN society says girls should not wear modern dress as it diverts man’s mind. Also, they think it is girl’s mistake if something bad happens to her just because she has worn a modern dress.Using Facebook and Twitter, taking photos from DSLRs, clicking selfies from i-Phones, boozing, clubbing on weekends, gyming, eating out at places like Pizza hut, Subway, going to Starbucks, using high end latest gadgets, using English in day to day life and so on does not make you MODERN. And this is what we are doing. We are blindly adopting only those things which we see – in movies, news, etc – and term this as being modern.

Modernity means treating servants and waiters with respect, not eve teasing a girl when you see her, neither judging nor caring about others while jogging on streets, not looking down upon a friend who is working part-time somewhere  to pay his college’s fees and so on.

Becoming modern requires an evolution – in thoughts, education and implementation.

Modernity will come when youth would start questioning “Why” and “How” to what they see, and not just adopt these and stop. Any society that just sticks to its age old traditions and practices that has become obsolete  in the present world and refuses to move forward and change is definitely a roadblock to success.

The point is: We live in a society where we need to please everybody! We need to please our neighbours with 99%. We need to please our colleagues with superficial praises. We need to please our parents by marrying as soon as possible. We need to please our relatives by gifting them expensive items. We need to please the society by throwing a large expensive wedding party. We need to please our ego by buying things which we really don’t want.
In fact we have gone so far  in pleasing ourselves that we have forgotten we are making a fool out of ourselves.
We are far away from being modern. Our thought processes have yet not evolved to skip the irrationality and stupidity of our own boundaries.

The Indian Youth can never be modern unless we shakes off these false boundaries around us.

YES, the bitter truth is that most of us have become modern in material but not modern in thought. So, it’s high time that we make the society, instead of letting the society make us.

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