Vastu Shastra during Construction?

Is it really important to follow Vastu Shastra during Construction?


The Indian geomancy science also known as Vastu Shastra is the most authentic art of architecture originated in India, which unifies the astrology, astronomy and art. It is ancient mystic science for building and designing. Originated about 8000 years ago, since then practicing of this art in direction of application basic code of conduct while construction of any building or house by our ancient Indian sages and scholars. With origin in Stapatya Veda, Vastu Shilpa Shastra is an ancient mystic science of act of design and architecture. Stapatya Veda is a sub-part of the Atharva Veda one of the older of the four Vedas.

It includes construction of congenial dwelling places in order to take the advantage of the benefits by the nature. Vastu Shastra woks and deals with scientific reasons and mystic ways. Vastu is a mystic science or art that has its own power and effects on occupants or users. It uses basic traditional norms of directions and locations, which can be laid down for selection, construction, and designing.

If Vastu is applied properly it can prove to be boon by giving occupants or users, all the amenities and pleasures of life and purpose. Many natural factors govern the life of human-being. Vastu can’t change fate of users. However it can give occupants joy and pleasures of life by simply transforming sorrowful life simply, by altering the structure of living place. Benefits of Vastu are immense and permanent, they won’t change with the change in advancement. Life destiny is out of the hands but a person can make his life-style better by taking care of these three essential factors:

Physically Vastu affects the lives of person providing them Good health, Comfort and Brings harmony & fulfilment. Convenience can be achieved by paying attention to place, ventilation, color, design, material used, elements and direction.

Psychological benefits via Vastu is in the form of improvement of relationships inwardly and outwardly of individual’s. By unlocking the tensions, reducing stress level and upgrading health.

Spiritual side of man can also get enhanced by originated from our ancient sacred text. The principle of Vastu is to provide a man the inner satisfaction which can’t be achieved through any other means.

Harmony is the main aim of any person to achieve at their living place. Vastu applied places ensures to meet all the best possible affects a person is in need quest of. So, it is important for builders and engineers to vision Vastu during constructions not only for nature purposes but also for health benefit purposes of occupants or users.

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