Is e-HRM Successfull..?

Is e-HRM Successful

Nature of e-HRM:

If HR department uses internet for their activities, then it is called e-HRM. It provide complete details about HRM(Human Resource Management). It has potential to change traditional HRM functions. It reduces the time and save transport cost.


Alternatively called online recruitment. Now a days 70 to 80 percentage of large people are using e-recruitment. It offers many benefits to the organization. Some of the major advantages are follow:

  • Reaching large numbers of qualified people
  • Reducing the cost
  • Save time
  • Improve effectiveness of recruitment strategy.

Some common practices of e-HRM are follow:

  • Adding recruitment program to company website.
  • Using special job portals
  • Developing tools for processing the applicants
  • Software for online screening.


It uses online selection system which include many procedural recruitment. The main purpose of e-selection are follow:

  • Cost reduction
  • Maximize the utilization of human capital
  • Sustainability

Cost reduction, it is main objective of an organization to reduce the cost. Maximum utilization of human capital is achieved through high retention rate. Finally sustainability of e-enabled system.


It refers web enabled approach. Using an internet browser, the internet and the world wide web, individuals access electronically distributed compensation software, databases and analytic tool from anywhere from their office home or at anywhere in globe.


e-HR can contribute to enhanced performance of HR in four ways which are

  • Self service
  • call centers
  • productivity improvement
  • outsourcing

Thus more and more companies are using internet and computer based system for improving HR productivity. Thus every one must have to be update according to the environment for sustainability and survival.

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