Introduction to Software Testing


Here coming with software testing, generally we can test a software/application/product, etc., in two different ways. they are:

1) Manual Testing

2) Automation Testing

In Manual Testing, you test manually by writing Test Cases ( here we need to check the either the expected results are matching to the actual results or not, you will come to know about this further)

Whereas, in Automation you test in system by using a QTP (Quick Test Professional) tool.

Before starting these two types of testing, we first learn the importance of software systems.


Software is a set of executable programs in our computer. Software is a virtually inescapable in a modern world. And we move into the 21st century, it will become the driver for few advances in everything from elementary education to genetic engineering. It affects nearly every aspect of our lives and has become pervasive in our commerce, our culture and our everyday activities.

The discipline of software Engineering includes knowledge, tools and methods for software requirements,design,construction,testing, and maintenance tasks.


1) poor requirement

2)Inadequate testing,

3) Miscommunication


It is a process used to identify correctness, completeness and quality of developed software application. It is an intension to finding out mistakes, by checking an software application.


Objective of software testing are to be identifying mistakes, when those mistakes resolved software application quality improves.

These mistakes are  categorized as

1) Errors

2) Bug

3) Defect

1) Error:- If the mistake that pops up while program is executed is termed as error. These type of errors we generally in see in programming such as syntax error, run time errors, etc.,

2) Bug:- If any requirement of client is not fulfilled, then it is termed as Bug.

3) Defect:- It is a derivation between expected result to actual result in AUT ( Application Under test) which are identifying in test environment.

Defect can also call as Bug/Issue/incident/Fault. it presents due to human mistakes while developing application.

OK, This is the introduction to software testing, next topics will discuss in my further articles with more clearly. Thank you.

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