Introduction to Hadoop and Big Data Analysis


In our day to day life we come across some words like Hadoop,Big Data and Analytics.Today Analytics and Big Data were among the Top 10 strategic Technologies.What is Big Data ?Big Data is the collection of large and complex data seta.These data sets have large volume,high velocity and high complexity due to which it is unable to process such data with traditional data processing approaches.There are various systems for Big Data processing and analytics,alternative to Hadoop such as HPCC or Red Shift by Amazon etc but Hadoop is more successful because of the number of distribution available from different companies.

The main reasons behind the Hadoop success are :
1.It is an opensource project.
2.It can be used on numerous domains.
3.It has a great scope for improvement with respect to fault tolerance,availability and file systems.
4.One can write the jobs in SQL like Hive,Pig,Jaql etc instead of using complex Map Reduce.
These features allows companies to modify the Hadoop cor or its distributions according to the companies need and objectives.


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