Integration of SQA

Integration of SQA

In my last blog i had shared my views on SQA proposition and its economic benefits. In this blog I will explain u about how this SQA works and how can it be successful.


Firstly we should know that Integration testing under SQA are all consultancy sservices. We know there are many consultancy firms like EY which outsource their expertise in specific field.


Integration testing means testing two or more modules together. When two modules work individually we do not get an eroor. Problems start coming when they are integrated and some unforeseen interactions leads to bigger issues. Hence, integration testing assures that the whole system operates in a planned way.


The system testing is an internal part of intergration testing. System testing ensures the successful unification of integrated components to form a functional system and the subsequent marriage of the system under test to one or more other systems in a comman.


System testing ensures system functionality and performance matches specification, it proves interoperability and architecture, ensures business critical processes perform to specification and reduces costs by removing possible system redevelopment costs at live stage


The coordination of Testing requires specific management and technical skills. SQA Consulting professionals have these skills and extensive experience in implementing the desired skill set within specific market areas. SQA Consulting has a documented methodology for Systems Testing for both Bespoke and Packaged Software development


Our approach begins with the business definition and requirements capture. The approach continues by evaluating, selecting and implementing the best testing tools to carry out end-to-end system testing to ensure performance meets requirements. This ensures the system and allied processes meet the initial business objectives.


Hence we can say that SQA solution works to improve tge condition of firm Economically and quality wise.

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