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Instant Messenger – An Ideal Strategy For Office Communication?

Instant Messenger The Most Ideal Strategy For Office Communication

Encouraging effective communication by a manager is the best strategy chosen to deal with his Human Resources i.e., his employees. No enterprise will be able to flourish, if it’s workers do not communicate with each other. Lack of communication causes missed appointments, disjointed meetings and waste of time. For effectual business communication, technology proves to be productive and fruitful for the employers and employees both. Whether you are managing a small start up business or a globally spread business, effective communication is a must that shoots up the managerial efficiency too.

The old were those days when you used to follow ‘Scalar Chain’ i.e., formal lines of authority from highest to lowest ranks. In operation you used to find that an employee cannot directly contact the CEO of the company which probably was the reason for delayed communication.

But in this era, owing to technology, workplace communication has changed. Today’s office communication depends on conference calls and e-mails. Similarly, Instant Messenger is a valuable tool for office communication and in many ways it is far better than e-mail. Instant Messenger is a text based communication similar to chat. In other words, IM is the modern evaluation of computer chat. It includes the related links and information of your workplace.

In today’s busy and competitive world, where at no condition work can be delayed, a poor communication may lead to poor production and as a result less profits. So, this is where Instant Messenger proves to be useful. With an Instant Messaging program supervisors and managers can see which workers are available at their desks, which ones are in meeting and which ones are out of the office. Employees can get answers promptly using an IM system. Microsoft Office Communicator is one of the most widely used IM programme. It is also very beneficial for abroad business.

At last but not the least, improving communication system at your workplace must be the topmost priority as it can do wonders for the growth of your organisation. It’s not how much time you have consumed to complete your work, it’s how smartly and efficiently your work has been completed. So, be a tech- savvy, use Instant Messenger and save yours and as well as others time.

Instant Messenger can do miracles for office communication!

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