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In the early years there was spread of information by various ways. During ancient times, kings used to send their information to the people on whom the rule by drums. Later on this information used to carved on stones. We should not ignore about our far ancestors if we are taking about transfer of information from person to person. They used to express themselves by making cave arts. However, we have come very far from that time. Slowly slowly technology was developed by emerging scientists that was not at all imagined to change world to this extent. Here comes Information Technology in the scene. Information Technology(IT) had many stages which are as follows:

Pre-mechanical- This is the earliest of IT and can be defined as time period between 3000 B.C and 1450 A.D. Initially humans tried to communicate using language and pictures and even developed Phoenician alphabets. People starting using paper and to store information and tried to store this ever increasing information by developing new ways to store it.Next was Mechanical age which can be defined as time between 1450 and 1840. Many technologies were developed in this era like slide rule. Pascaline by Blaise Pascal, Printing press by Johann Guttenberg etc. Third age was Electromechanical age. It is the time period between 1840 and 1940. It is the beginning of telecommunications. During this period inventions came like Voltaic battery, telephone by Graham Bell, radio by Marconi, electromechanical computers that were weighing 5 tons in US. The last age is Electronic age and is the age from 1940 till time that we are now currently living in. Dr. John and Dr. Presper created ENIAC(Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator) can be said as the first high speed and digital computer Other important inventions are EDSAC, EDVAC, UNIVAC, APPLE, IPHONES, TABS, etc.

This it can be surely concluded that we have come a long way from past and many developments due to IT sector had led to rapid increase in communication and other technical work and reduced the time taken in the process. All this has led to cutting in time and space and has created a virtual space, if we look in context of communication with the help of IT. There is expected more revolutions with the help of IT sector in store for human and will determine the future of us and our generations to come.

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