Industrial Workers: Needs Ethical Behaviourial Training

Industrial Workers Needs Ethical  Behaviourial Training

It was very unethical by workers to damage machinery, burn cars and two wheelers and destroying furniture. It is not an acceptable action anyway. There is law to protect the interest of a worker. Labor unions are recognized to assist the workers. Any violence that harms things and peoples is unethical. It was a bad incident in Gurgaon, Haryana more than 1000 workers on rumor of death of a quality checking staff, Sami chand become angry and done very unethical on dated Feb.12, 2015. Were they really workers? or other anti social element. In spite of various legal laws  presented, still there are happening such events. It means that these laws are not sufficient to protect the interest of the industrial workers and to protect the industrialist and their office staffs from the anger of the industrial worker.

The company will get the claim if  it has insured. But who will pay for the loss of things destroyed on the road of the public. ?  What the workers got by doing such nonsense and illegal act. Why the matter was not discussed by the labor union leader with the management. It was the communication gap between managerial personal and labor union leader. As per the news guard and the managerial personal did unethical behave with a worker.

The company should make some educational and awareness  program for the industrial workers and the other official staff. They also to be trained to cope and be calm in all violence. There must be frequently meeting between managerial staff and labor union staff. The company must develop cooperation and good relationship between office staff and factory workers. Before applying rules, the staff workers and factory workers should be given training to adhere the rules and regulations.

At last but not least the thought of industrial workers is needed to make positive and ethical so that they should   behave and act sensibly in any odd situations.


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