Indo-China Trust Council

Indo-China Trust Council

This may look like a work of fiction for a lot, because every one of us starts wondering – ‘Can there really be a trust (the feeling) council between India and China’  Yes, I intend pun here and use my fundamental right of expression. Again, China has snubbed India on a Pakistani-based terrorist at the UN by using its so-called veto power.
I do not find any grey or middle area here. It is an either morally correct issue or incorrect.

Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi, a commander in Lashkar-e-Taiba, was responsible and the central figure in 2008 Mumbai terror attacks that claimed 160 lives. So China needs adequate information about an open terrorist group’s commander, who is bound to be released on insufficient evidence. Clearly, 160 lives lost is not an evidence. Clearly, past history of Lashkar-e-Taiba is not an evidence. China is trying very hard to create a circle of support around India, which it considers to be the biggest international competitor.

A few Chinese say, they do not trust PM Modi, because he ordered 8000 troops in Arunachal Pradesh, soon after his Indo-China bilateral talks. Of course, it is a bad idea, as Chinese think, to protect one’s country over international borders, even if past incidences of intrusion had occured from them. It seems ‘Bad’ foreign policy to talk about abolishing terrorism and actually taking steps to curb it, this too according to the Chinese.

Why then India, which had never intruded into Pakistan, never fired on its posts as first ones, even gave Lahore back to Pakistan, after capturing it in 1971 war, must pay for the future-bound terror. Is Lakhvi ensuring that it won’t attack India, or not to mention, even Pakistan ? China has its own viewpoint, which does not match US,UK,France and Russia, the countries which had faced wrath of terrorism at some point of time. Is China really waiting to experience terrorism ? Should China not be the one to initiate peace ? But I guess that is very unexpected in a communist country which has felt insecurity from India since its independence.

Why I support India strongly is not because I am an Indian, but because I am a human who likes that justice be done to the dead and justice is not a unidirectional approach. When China understands this, two great economies will be in a much tranquil condition.

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