Indian economy on the cusp of a turnaround

Indian economy on the cusp of a turnaround

Indian economy on the cusp of a turnaround
China the so called manufacturing hub of the world with all prominent brands having its manufacturing base in this country, has outdone everyone in terms of IIP(index of industrial production) in the Asian market claiming the title of the fastest growing and emerging economy in the world
but China is soon going to lose its sheen as it would have to relinquish his spot to the seventh largest country in the world. Touted to be the human resource factory of the world by Narendra Modi
the paradigm shift in the political environment , with the BJP sarkar taking over the reins of the country in his hand, the stock market is on the rise , whooping investments from FIIs, has set the ground for the development, paving in for the democratization of a new era

if we examine the performance of the money and capital market, especially the equity market, we see a dramatic upward trend, sensex on the verge of breaking the 30000 mark, repo rates being down ,large scale subscription of G- secs by domestic institutional investor and foreign institutional investor, these are just the tidbits of the bigger picture which everyone is keeping in mind
the government coming out with many polices and rules pertaining to rationalization of taxation schemes are just the precursors of the fact that you are definitely soon going to see the change,
there are certain inhibitions and loopholes that needs to be timely addressed and implemented there are numerous stalled projects that needs to cleared so that they can resume their operation otherwise their cost is escalating day by day
We all know that there will always be people jealous of your success claiming your position to be theirs, so is the same with politicians whenever the government comes out with something that is going to drive to growth to unimaginable heights, pathetic and henious games by the oppositions seem to drop their probability of implementation to unimaginable lows
Indian economy will overtake the us economy , if everyone is ready to bring about a perfect correlation between their individual goals and duties towards the nation, if people are ready to do away with their negative attributes and can digest the supremacy of others without the feeling of envy, but with the motivation of being like them one day then the economy will definitely take everyone on a roller coaster ride
and the day is not far away when each and everyone over this globe will have heard the name of India for its robust economy, magnanimous growth
India- the epitome of peace and tranquility

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