Imitation – Not a solution


We all have our heroes whom we try and imitate to achieve the success that they have conquered. But not every individual has the same dedication and passion to achieve their goals. Goals can be achieved only with true dedication, passion and hard work. Passion can be defined as being truthful, intensely dedicated towards a particular work. We all desire to achieve something in our life. Different individuals have different goals, some may be temporary others may have permanent goals. Fulfillment of any goal requires sheer dedication and hard work.

To have an idol is good but the dedication has to be purely subjective because no two people can have same passion. Passion and dedication can never be imitated. A person should work according to his own grit and dedication and should continuously work for the achievement of his goals. The result achieved is the true outcome of how dedicated we are towards our goals. Passion gives us a focus to live and a purpose and clarity to survive. Passion is an individual choice of interest which can be shared but cannot be copied.

Passion is inculcated in every individual. It’s just a matter of realizing their passion and working up to their individual potentials for the achievement of their goals.


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