Ideology is a small word with large implication ,implications that people going about our daily lives do not even the get the hint of .

According to prominent Marxist thinker Althusser(1971)ideology is everywhere it reaches every aspect of our lives and sees no limit to ideology. Furthermore he states that there is no way to escape ideology, for although  our social experience is one that is practice of the dominant ideology.

To the necked eye this may seem like a philosophy, but to those who have had acquaintance with Althusser before know what he is talking about .

Here we are talking about perspectives, thinking’s  and misconceptions of common sense. Conceptions like women are weak and men dominant, women are natural care givers  or the very latest and trending conception of McDonnell an d happy meal also referred to as McDonnelisation.

We have grown so slave of these ideology’s that we do not even recognize them as a threat ,for instance the common sense that wearing hills makes a women attractive .but who decides what are the standards for  attractiveness and attractive to what or whom and at what cost.

You may have never thought about it but this is where ideology is at play we know by convention that hills signify beauty but how do we know it and does it really does ?

Does wearing of hills not accentuate our body parts or restrict our movement. The very definition of attractiveness imply the attractiveness in the eyes of the man ,thus placing him dominant and the women subordinate . Does it not

Now how did we get this concept in our head did it come to us all of a sudden our was it subconsciously built from the our social environment around us and the media text we see .We see that a beautiful women is in hills the transformation into a beautiful women is through hills thus implying very subtle manner that hills=beautification. Thus inevitably serving the interest of the middle class man by placing him in dominance.

Very neat know .

Similarly we see in every movie and daily soap that whatever class the family may belong they are dinning at McDonnell thus implying that a happy meal is at McDonnell .serving the greater good of the owner .

This is not the extent of ideology these are the very superficial genres that we can identify ideology has roots way deeper

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