Human Resource Management by Aradhana Badhwar

  Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) also known as HR is defined as the management of people in an organization (mostly employees) directed towards achieving organizational goals. The key roles that a human resource manager performs in order to do so are broadly, staffing, defining work and compensation. Let us discuss them in some detail.

First, staffing is finding the right people for the right job at the right time. An HR manager carries out a “workforce analysis” to ascertain whether the company is optimally staffed, understaffed or overstaffed. If the company is optimally staffed, staffing need not take place. In case the company is overstaffed, some employees are laid off. On the other hand, when a company is understaffed, people need to be hired to fill in the void. The HR manager is responsible for hiring the right person to keep the organization moving forward.

Second, the HR manager needs to assign a duty to the new employee, that is the one for which he/she was hired in the first place. The employee needs to be made aware of his responsibilities, to whom he/she is accountable and who is accountable to him/her and also what authority he/she will have. An employee needs to be made aware of the organizational policies and procedures as well.

Third, the HR manager needs to ensure that the recently recruited employee is satisfied. In order to do this, an agreeable salary needs to be decided and any other sort of compensation (such as ESO’s, Insurance, etc.) if need be. Every employee needs to feel that they are being taken of care of well, because after all the success of a company is in the hands of its employees.

Lastly, an HR manager needs to perform some small roles as well such as training and development of recently recruited and/or underachieving employees. An HR manager should also maintain relations with employees by solving any issues they might have such as discrimination, harassment, etc.

Just as it is important for a school to have teachers to be able to function, an organization needs it employees for the same. Hence, HRM is an important aspect of management and should be not be neglected.

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