Human Resource Information System

Human Resource Information System

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a method by which an organisation collects , analyses and reports information about people and jobs. HRIS is basically a data base system that offers important information about employees in a central and accessible location. When such information is needed the data can be retrieved and used to facilitate human resource planning decisions .

Objectives of HRIS. computerized HRIS is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To offer an adequate , comprehensive and ongoing information system about people and jobs.
  • To supply up to date information at a reasonable cost.
  • To offer data security and personal privacy . Data security is a technical problem that can be dealt with in several ways , including passwords and elaborate codes. In the information age , personal privacy is both an ethical and moral issue .

Functions of HRIS.  computerized HRIS is designed to monitor , control and influence movement of people from the time they join the organisation till the time they decide to leave the organisation. It conducts the following functions.

  • Recruitment information. it includes advertisement module , applicants profile , appointment and placement data .
  • Personal administration information. It consists of personnel needs of an employee concerning leaves , transfer , promotion, increment etc.
  • Manpower planning information.It offers data that could help human resource mobilization , career planning , succession planning and inputs for skill development .
  • Training information. It provides information for designing course material , arranging need based training and appraising the training programme etc.
  • Health information.It consists of data relating to health , safety and welfare of employees.
  • Appraisal information.It consists of performance appraisal information that serves as basis for promotion , career and succession planning.
  • Payroll information. It provides data regarding wages , salaries, incentives , allowances , fringe benefits , deductions for provident funds (PFs).
  • Personnel research information.It is a bank of historic and current data about employees attitude , turnover , absenteeism which may be used for different types of analysis .

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